Ice Cream Parlour

  • 18 different flavours, prepared daily
  • ice cream cups with added whipped cream and garnish
  • frappè made with the available ice cream
  • "Affogati", ice cream drowned in coffee, hot chocolate fruit juices or liqueures 


  • various types of Bruschettone and Pizza for all tastes (Margherita, Artichokes, Triffles, Cooked Ham, Spicey, Summertime, 4 Cheeses or according to your fantasy)
  • wooden boards of local cold meats and cheeses, such as prosciutto crudo, capocollo and pecorino cheese from Pienza
  • mixed salads, always freshly prepared
  • pasta dishes: tagliatelle ai funghi porcini, ravioli di ricotta e spinaci with tomatoes and basil, gnocchi 4 cheeses (all frozen dishes but of good quality and taste)
  • sandwiches: a good variety of rolls, focacce and sandwiches freshly prepared on the day 


Classical local wines such as Chianti (Gallo Nero and other varieties). The Rosso and Nobile of Montepulciano. The Rosso and Brunello of Montalcino. Also wines from Umbria, Sardinia, Sicilian, Campania and Altoatesino and, of course, Prosecco (a must these days).

The moment preferred by Italians could not be missing from our place. All aperitifes are served with little titbits prepared by Giorgia, following her inspiration. Every weekend one can pass an evening listening to good music, with a good glass of something and some tasty munchies.

We can organize buffets and parties for birthday, graduation , weddings or any other festive occasion.

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